CaptiveAire DOAS
Ships in 3 weeks or less!
8, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 22, 30T
Standard high end variable speed components including Danfoss variable speed inverter scroll compressor. Less noise!
Fully modulating HGRH option
Integrated controls, User friendly
Easy maintenance/service
National Service Network
CAS-Link 24/7 Real Time Unit Monitoring standard
Standard 5-yr parts
10-yr parts/labor factory warranty available
Ceiling, floor, roof, mounted systems
Wall hung systems
Air or water cooled
School-Aire classroom units
Comprehensive chiller line including conventional and magnetic bearing.
Water, air-cooled, rotary, scroll, screw, reciprocating, centrifugal, magnetic bearing chillers
Water, air-cooled DX units
CRAC Units
Industrial refrigeration
Leading global provider of UV and carbon technologies
For surface and airstream disinfection
Fight mold, bacteria, viruses and odors
Keeps coil free of mold & microbial growth - No cleaning!
Extends life of HVAC system
Improved Indoor Air Quality
Energy savings & reduced maintenance costs
Neutralize odors & toxic VOCs (APCO)
Chemical-free disinfection
No harmful ozone
Commercial and residential
Award winning Variable Refrigerant Packaged Heat Pump (VRP) gives VRF performance and single package simplicity at a significantly lower price:
Precision inverter technology
Best in Class cooling
True humidity control with optional Reheat coil
Conditioned fresh air
Superior, efficient heating
Industry leading Vertical Packaged Terminal AC Units (Vert-I-Pak)
FreshAire PTAC units with fully integrated make-up air system for ASHRAE 62.1compliance
Ductless split systems
Ideal for hospitality, multi-dwelling, senior living and school markets
Electric duct, cabinet, unit heaters and controls
Explosion proof heaters
Air Handling Units
Modular, flexible, configurable
100% thermal break posts and panels
Magnelis corrosion resistant coating
10,000 Hr. salt spray rated
Triple-sloped stainless steel drain pan and drain pipe
Stainless steel chilled water coil casing
Slide-out chilled water coil
Direct drive plenum fans!
Building management systems
BACnet open digital controls
KMC Commander (IoT)
KMC Niagara
KMDigital digital controls
Remote monitoring, control
Industry leading security
Actuators and valves
Digital, electronic, pneumatic
Competitively priced for new construction, retrofits or integration
DESIGO OPTIC Open Building Management Software
TALON open building automation controls
Actuators and valves
Power meters
Variable frequency drives
Gamma lighting controls
Regulate airflow, monitor energy use; integrate with security, lighting, and other systems.
Deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency.
Oil-free chiller technology leader
Water and air-cooled
Quiet, low sound & vibration
Annual energy savings up to 35%
Annual maintenance savings up to 50%
Fan coils
Air handling units
Integrated piping system

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